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23:29 | その子の可能性 - 『学び合い』in 広島 を含むブックマーク はてなブックマーク - その子の可能性 - 『学び合い』in 広島 その子の可能性 - 『学び合い』in 広島 のブックマークコメント


A child who lives hopefully and dreaming in the future through hypothetical junior high school exams and is brightly and positively living a child who is crushed by pressure from parents and is crushed as "to live" or "want to die" Compared with yourself and children living while hostile to each other ... Current situation of each person and possibilities from now ... It is not something that one faculty can find out about how to live is happy for that child, I want to be a chance and support. Every person is really different. I want to see each person closely. I want to talk with each other firmly. I would like to provide an environment that can be supported by many friends.